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Catcombe Golden Retrievers

Doodle wins the GUNDOG GROUP at Leeds


Catcombe Golden Retrievers

November 2009

Top row from left Cyber (5), Cobweb (2) Come Uppence (7) Conifer (14) Cossett (12)
Middle row from left Copper (9) Co Co (7), Tarty ( 9months) Cooee (7) and Candy ( 9months)
Third row on left Cha Cha Cha (5)
Clustered in the middle Canoodle (6) in front, with Chim Cheroo ( 1) behind left and Chim Chimini (1) on right .
Lying down Cafuffle (3) and on end. Doodle (6) In front on left Corblimey (7)


Cyber Cobweb Conifer Cosset Copper Co Co Tarty Cooee Candy Cha Cha Cha Cafuffle Doodle Corblimey Canoodle Chim Cheroo Chim Chimini Come Uppence