An Interesting Time with My Dog in Atlanta


Okay, I always bring my dog with me when I travel, why? Because I hate for him to be alone and miss me, also he tends to ruin the furniture of whoever I leave them with, and I really don’t like kennels, I hate thinking of my dog being in some cage while I am away, though I do know that there are a lot of good places out there that would really take care of him, I’m still not really sure about the whole idea of leaving Max to some strangers. A silver lining to this though is that I have some company during my trips, though I also have to look for places that allow pets.

Luckily enough, Atlanta has a lot of pet friendly hotels, so I had no trouble of looking for a place to stay during our time there. Also, since I was staying at a place where pet lovers would stay I got to meet a lot of interesting people, one girl stood out the most, literally. She was a quite a beauty, and she loves dogs, so Max coming along the trip really helped with breaking the ice, of course I did motivate him to mysteriously get out of his leash and run towards her direction.

We got to know each other really well and ended up having a few meals together; she was great with Max and offered to look after him when I was out to do my business, which I gladly accepted. We got to be really close with each other, to the point that she told me what she was actually in Atlanta for, apparently she was there because she wanted to get some work done with her breast, when she asked a friend she was told that she should get Breast augmentation in Atlanta GA, since her friend knew people and could get her a good deal. I absent mindedly told her that her breast already looked perfect, and I froze, thankfully enough she wasn’t offended by it, so much so that… let’s just say that Max slept in my room alone that night.

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel and went around the city, there were a lot of fun places to visit in Atlanta, such as the Olympic park where we took a stroll at. Later that day we decided to go to the Aquarium, Max had to stay at the hotel though, we had a really great time and enjoyed ourselves. I had to return home the next day, she stayed behind to get the procedure done, which I totally respect her decision.

It has been a few months since then, we kept in touch, I saw her photos and she looked great. A few weeks from now I will be visiting Atlanta again, and coincidently enough she have plans on visiting the city around the same time. So, I count the days as till She, I and Max have an interesting time in Atlanta once again.