Carpet Care For Dog Lovers

Having a dog and a carpet at home sometimes feel like being pulled in opposites directions. They both make the home cozy and warm but having a carpet makes the dog-owners life difficult because it is simply hard to keep up with the cleaning duties.

Even if your dog is potty trained, “leaks” could not be avoided particularly when the dog feels excited. Aside from removing urine stains, the smell is so hard to remove. I experienced seeing some of my guests holding their breath when they are in the living room even if I tried my best to clean up the urine.

The shedding is also another thing to deal with when you have dogs. It is easy to vacuum or sweep the fur away in flat forms, but the dog hair clings to the carpet and upholstery making it harder to clean.

Another problem is paw prints. Spot cleaning could work for a few paw prints, but sometimes, it is more than that. I experienced cleaning paw prints from the doorway to the kitchen. I almost cried.

In spite of these difficulties, I am sure that no dog lover would give up the pooch for a cozy carpet. So here are the solutions we can do to keep our carpets fresh.


  • Clean your dog’s paws before entering your house. I always keep a wet tissue in my pocket every time I bring my dog outdoors. It is a convenient way of cleaning the paws when you are on the go. I saw some dog shoes before, but I am not sure if they are comfortable for the dogs, so I still prefer wiping to clean.
  • Potty training your dog is the best prevention. There might be small leaks sometimes, but it is just small compared to letting out a full bladder out anywhere they want.
  • You may place a throw carpet or rug on top of your carpet so that it will be easier to wash when your dog has a potty accident.



  • For fresh urine, place an absorbent paper towel or rags on top of the wet area. Push it down to absorb as much as you can. You can put a newspaper under the carpet so it could absorb the wetness, too. Rinse off with a little dishwashing liquid and water. Then dry it thoroughly.
  • You may want to put the soiled paper towels at the designated place where your pooch should urinate. The scent marker will remind them of the right place where they can do their business.
  • For stains that already got stuck on the carpet, please hire a professional carpet cleaner like our trusted Carpet Cleaning Utah. The carpet cleaners are trained to handle any stain, and they also have pet-friendly cleaning solutions that will ensure that your dog is safe.


  • Vacuuming is the best solution to remove fur from your carpet. If you have dogs, it is advisable to do your vacuuming regularly. You may spray a solution of 1 tablespoon spoon for fabric conditioner to a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the solution to your carpet and let sit for at least five minutes then vacuum again.
  • You can use lint remover brush for fur stuck on your upholstery.

Good housekeeping is your partner in keeping your pet-friendly home fresh and clean. There are also our good old carpet cleaners to save us the stress of keeping our carpets good as new.