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Got Your House Treated? Keep Your Dogs Away for A few Extra Days.

Last month I had the unfortunate discovery of my house being infested with termites, the damage wasn’t much, and there didn’t seem to be any problems structurally, but it won’t be for long if I allowed the termites to remain. After getting an estimate from my contractor on the stuff that did need some repairs, I immediately went online to find the best Pest Control Company Rogers at the most reasonable price. It only took a few days for everything to be cleared out but then as I was talking to the Exterminator, who was also a dog lover, I was told not to let my dogs move in for a while longer.

It turns out that the time most pest control companies count for the all clear are often calculated for human safety, which could mislead you to think that it is safe for everyone after all “safe for humans” is the highest standard for us. The thing is though most dogs tend to be smaller than a full grown adult, and they are also more sensitive to some chemicals than us. So if your exterminators give you the thumbs up, just give it a little more time for your dogs and other pets before you bring them back home.

Pest Control Emergency: Dog’s and Ticks

So you found a few ticks on your dog, and more in the surrounding area? Don’t waste time on figuring out how it happened and where they came from if you want your dog to get better and much more survive this situation you should act immediately. I was in the same situation just a year ago and decided to consult my local exterminators in Columbus OH, what I’ve learned was a shocking – my dog CAN die from this if I do not get them treated as soon as possible. First thing’s first, find an exterminator and arrange for your house to get treated, as it can also be a health risk for you and your family. Second, bring your dog to the vet if you can for faster treatment and results, it’s also good for him to be as far from the pests as possible.

Ticks, fleas, and other pests carry diseases and literally sucks out the life of your pets, the moment that you see them, take immediate action by at the very least giving your dog a bath with special shampoo and powder, if symptoms worsen go to the vet. Things you should not do are the following:

•    Do Not Use Human Grade Repellents – as even natural repellents like citronella are very harmful to pets, working as a Neurotoxin.

•    Do Not Over Treat Them – even if it is meant for pets, you should know that any medicine has a proper dosage that you should not give more than.

•    Do Not Play Doctor – Medicine should only be given when prescribed by a licensed vet. You wouldn’t do that to a human member of your family, right? Why should the dog be treated differently?

•    It’s not over until the Vet says it’s over – Just because the symptoms and ticks are no longer visible doesn’t mean that the ordeal is over. Get a follow-up checkup after the completion of the treatment.

House Treatment: During and After

Most chemicals used to treat your house for pests are poisonous to pets, it would be best for your dog to live and recover elsewhere during and a little bit after the house treatment. This is to avoid any of the poison being consumed by the dog, though when the exterminator gives the all clear for you to return usually means that it’s all clear for your pets to return as well. Remember that we are larger creatures than our pets, though, so it would take a smaller dose to affect them compared to us.

After treatment, clear the surrounding area of what might look like something your pet would chew on or eat, as it might have some traces of the poison in it. This could harm your dog and might even be fatal.

Prevention Is Better

In the end, the best way to handle this situation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Keep your dog well groomed and your area clean. The first sign of any pests popping up, use precautionary measures like tick powder and insecticides (away from your pet of course).

Carpet Care For Dog Lovers

Having a dog and a carpet at home sometimes feel like being pulled in opposites directions. They both make the home cozy and warm but having a carpet makes the dog-owners life difficult because it is simply hard to keep up with the cleaning duties.

Even if your dog is potty trained, “leaks” could not be avoided particularly when the dog feels excited. Aside from removing urine stains, the smell is so hard to remove. I experienced seeing some of my guests holding their breath when they are in the living room even if I tried my best to clean up the urine.

The shedding is also another thing to deal with when you have dogs. It is easy to vacuum or sweep the fur away in flat forms, but the dog hair clings to the carpet and upholstery making it harder to clean.

Another problem is paw prints. Spot cleaning could work for a few paw prints, but sometimes, it is more than that. I experienced cleaning paw prints from the doorway to the kitchen. I almost cried.

In spite of these difficulties, I am sure that no dog lover would give up the pooch for a cozy carpet. So here are the solutions we can do to keep our carpets fresh.


  • Clean your dog’s paws before entering your house. I always keep a wet tissue in my pocket every time I bring my dog outdoors. It is a convenient way of cleaning the paws when you are on the go. I saw some dog shoes before, but I am not sure if they are comfortable for the dogs, so I still prefer wiping to clean.
  • Potty training your dog is the best prevention. There might be small leaks sometimes, but it is just small compared to letting out a full bladder out anywhere they want.
  • You may place a throw carpet or rug on top of your carpet so that it will be easier to wash when your dog has a potty accident.



  • For fresh urine, place an absorbent paper towel or rags on top of the wet area. Push it down to absorb as much as you can. You can put a newspaper under the carpet so it could absorb the wetness, too. Rinse off with a little dishwashing liquid and water. Then dry it thoroughly.
  • You may want to put the soiled paper towels at the designated place where your pooch should urinate. The scent marker will remind them of the right place where they can do their business.
  • For stains that already got stuck on the carpet, please hire a professional carpet cleaner like our trusted Carpet Cleaning Utah. The carpet cleaners are trained to handle any stain, and they also have pet-friendly cleaning solutions that will ensure that your dog is safe.


  • Vacuuming is the best solution to remove fur from your carpet. If you have dogs, it is advisable to do your vacuuming regularly. You may spray a solution of 1 tablespoon spoon for fabric conditioner to a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the solution to your carpet and let sit for at least five minutes then vacuum again.
  • You can use lint remover brush for fur stuck on your upholstery.

Good housekeeping is your partner in keeping your pet-friendly home fresh and clean. There are also our good old carpet cleaners to save us the stress of keeping our carpets good as new.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe When Exterminating Pests

Our dogs are part of our families. They are like children that require attention and care. In return, they give us unconditional love and joy. Dogs need to integrate into our home activities, and we also need to remember them in planning our projects, too.

I remember a heart-breaking event that happened to my friend’s dog, Barkie. My friend’s family used DIY mouse poison to control mice infestation in their place. Unfortunately, they failed to consider their pet. Sadly, Barkie ate the poisoned bait and died. We were all devastated by what happened.

This unfortunate event taught everyone a lesson the hard way. Pesticides do not only affect the target pest, but it could also have a negative effect on other animals when they come into contact with it. As such, you should practice extra care when you decide to remove the pest.

Moving forward, our families have become cautious with pest control. We don’t even own a can of insect spray. We usually just call Pest Control San Jose CA exterminators when we see incessant pests around the house. They are very professional, and they adhere to strict safety measures, especially we have kids and pets around our house all the time.

Here are other safety precautions to remember when you have pets, and you need to do pest control at home.

  • Ensure that you secure your pets away from the pest control site. You need to put them in their kennel or in a room to prevent them from wandering around and accidentally gaining access to the pest control area.
  • Put your pet’s toys, chew things, food bowls and beddings away from the pest control area. If you have any doubts of contamination, wash them before giving them back to your pets.
  • Be wary of pesticides baits. Avoid using it because it could be lethal to your pets. But if it is necessary, enclose the pest bait in a secure container where only the target pest can access.
  • Another danger of setting pesticide bait is secondary poisoning. The secondary poisoning happens when your pet eats a poisoned prey. Discuss with your pest control to know alternatives.
  • Treated lawn areas should be off-limits to your pets for at least 24 hours. This will allow enough time for the treatment to be completely absorbed by the lawn.
  • If you have pet fishes, you should cover their tanks and consider moving them away from the pest control site. You should also turn off their water pumps to prevent absorption of pest control chemicals.
  • Do not let your pets wander right after a pest control activity. Give enough allowance for the pest control materials to subside to ensure that no residue can harm your pet. It will help to ventilate the place.

Hiring a pest control company will make pesticide application in your homes safe and convenient.

How To Keep Your Dog Away From Your Garbage

You are excited to see your pet dog after a long day of work. But surprise! Your kitchen is a mess. Your dog has turned your kitchen into a garbage dump. Aside from the stench and the untimely cleanup that you need to do, your dog could be in danger of eating anything poisonous from the trash.

It wasn’t me!

This experience happened to me before, that is why I contracted Dumpster Rentals NJ to help me manage my garbage disposal. The dumpster rental made it easy for me to throw the trash while keeping the garbage secured in a proper container. This process will help me keep my dog safe because the dumpster is tightly sealed and Dumpster Rentals NJ hauls it away as soon as I schedule it.

However, there are times when I forget to take the garbage to the rented dumpster. My dog finds a way to access the trash can in the kitchen and make my house into a mess. I realized that he is attracted to the scent of the leftovers thrown into the garbage can. But my dog is well-fed, so I am pretty sure that it is not out of hunger that he likes to dig into the trash can. 

I know there are some of you that are experiencing this from time to time. So let’s discuss ways that can prevent this from happening again.

  1. Hide your trash can where your dog could not access it. This is an obvious solution, but our dogs are smart. Like in the case of my dog, he can open the cabinet door. Cool, right? So what I did as an additional precaution is to install child-proof cabinet locks. So far, our dog has not been able to open the cabinet yet.
  2. Practice your dog to stay away from the trash can. A simple “No” command can stop the dog from getting near the trash. Be consistent about it so that the negative behavior can be avoided.
  3. Put a gate to keep your kitchen off limits to the dog. Yes, we feel sad for the dog, too.
  4. Look for dog-proof trash cans. If you have extra money to spend, you can invest in this type of garbage can to ensure that your dogs could not go through your trash.
  5. Do not forget to take out the trash. It is simple as that. The dogs are after the food that they smell from the garbage. Without it, the dogs would not even bother about the trash bin.

Please also remember to avoid scolding your dog if you hadn’t see him committing the act. It is best to discipline the dog when you catch him red handed so that your dog will know what he did wrong. They are like children that need love and discipline, too.

Hope that the above tips help you to keep your dogs away from your garbage can.

Pest Control For Your Fur Buddies

It was supposed to be a fun weekend at the park with my dog, Spica. Sure, we had fun playing fetch under the warm Bakersfield sun. I understand that my pooch will get a bit dirty but these fleas are not welcome! I am always wary of these critters. They are disgusting! I just can’t take it when I see one make my dog suffer from scratching all day.

I was researching about NPM Pest Control Bakersfield when I accidentally stumbled upon Natural Pest Control. It was then that I discovered alternative ways to get rid of Spica’s fleas. I was worried that using products with insecticide will cause health problems because we are being exposed to chemicals. Natural Pest Management is a chemical-free, drug-free means to keep your pet from getting infested with pests.

Let me get this straight, Spica is not flea-infested but she sometimes catches fleas when we go outdoors. Pest prevention is key so it has been a habit of mine to inspect Spica’s fur after we go outdoors. Our home is pretty much pet-free, thanks to pest control services available here in Bakersfield.

Aside from the routine fur checks, I use a flea comb to catch those icky fleas. I dab a little petroleum jelly to the comb so that the fleas will stick to it. A tweezers will also come in handy to pull away the “clingers”. A tip, though, don’t forget to place your pooch on a white paper while you comb it to easily spot the fleas that fall. Using a white towel also does the trick when you are drying your dog after their bath.

After catching the fleas, I smother them in a little bit of water and cooking oil then flush them away in the sink or toilet.

As part of prevention, it is important to keep our pooch healthy. Fleas and other parasites have less effect on healthy animals. They tend to live in pets with weak immune system. It might sound cliché but it is true that we need to ensure that our dogs have a well-balanced diet and enough exercise.

In grooming, I opt for natural-based pet products. I try to avoid shampoos with insecticides. Instead, I always look for a gentle shampoo with pyrethrin, pyrethrum or citrus oil. However, it should not be used when you have cats in your household because permetrin is toxic to cats. After the bath, I add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to Spica’s rinse water. I’m pretty sure the fleas hate the smell.

Don’t worry that you need to DIY shampoos for your dogs to keep everything natural. There are many modern and effective flea products available in regular pet stores and supermarket. Some of them are surprisingly inexpensive.

Lastly, do not forget to treat your home as well. Vacuum your floors, rugs and other surfaces at least once a week. Pay attention to places where your pet pal usually stays. It is also interesting to know that there is an anti-flea salt treatment for carpets that can be professionally applied. This work by dehydrating fleas, flea larvae and eggs hiding in your carpet. This mineral-salt treatment could be effective for up to a year! Note to self, ask mom to check this out.

Hope you try NPM pest control to care for your fur buddies. It is healthier for you and your pets. Happy pet, happy human.

Taking My Dog Yachting at Dubai

I love my dog, and take him everywhere I go. But this particular time, things were a bit more troublesome, as the requirements to bringing your pet out of the country is not a walk in the park. Though not very difficult if your dog is pure bread and has all the papers that come with such an expensive dog, it was not the case for me and Rover. Because of this I needed to run around town from one place to another just to get things set for him. Though I could have probably gotten someone to do it for me, I am the type of guy who believes that in order to get things done you have to do it yourself.

Dubai was this year’s vacation goal, and the first one abroad with rover. My friends invited me to go with them and enjoy what the city has to offer, promising to pay for most of the stuff in the trip, and they were the ones that told me to bring my dog with me, since they’ve also become very attached to rover. Lately Dubai’s yacht rental industry has been booming and the options of different yachts intrigued my boat loving friend, and with big heart and deep pockets he decided to bring us all with him, plus whoever we wanted to bring, to enjoy the trip with him and make memories. Immigration bail bonds can be expensive if you don’t find the right bail bondsman.

The last time I was abroad was Barcelona, back during my college days when I decided to take a year off from school to backpack around Europe, I ended up staying in just that city for reasons that will be a story for another time. That was before I got rover, back when I had a cat that seemed to be never thankful about my taking care of him. This time though I have been given the chance to have an adventure in the Middle East with my best buddy.


The Pet Passport


As much as I would like to give you the steps of getting one in detail, the most essential parts really depends on where you plan to go with your pet. The best way to know exactly what to do and what form to fill up is by asking your Vet, most of them would have the idea of the broad strokes, one of the steps involves them and a comprehensive check-up of your pet, along with a few vaccinations. After which you will be given a few more instructions to complete a set of documents that will either allow your pet to travel to that specific country or not.

When I say pet passport though, I don’t mean an actual passport like that of a human’s, more of documents that shows your dog has had the necessary medical procedures  and legal stuff that approves of his entry to a country. In the European Union though, there is an actual pet passport that looks exactly like a person’s passport, which is really cool if you ask me.

The cost of getting such a set of documentations though will depend on a lot of things, but prepare about $200 for the whole thing, I have to warn you though that you might come up short if additional requirements or extra forms are needed.



I can tell you from experience that when it comes to traveling domestic, flights for your pet would cost no less than $125 per trip. Unfortunately I am uncertain how much it cost for getting to Dubai, as my friend decided that he would be paying for everyone’s fare, including rover. (Truth be told, my friend has been a bit generous lately when it comes to our group, hopefully he’s not sick or anything)

As always, I worried the whole 13 hour or so flight, I feel uneasy with my dog being treated as cargo thing, though I know that they are being treated with care, you just can’t take away the worry when it comes to the ones you love most. I kept on wishing he was the size of a Chihuahua, so I could just have him with me as carry-on.

When we finally got to our destination, I felt relieved when I finally saw his little doggy face. We were both exhausted from the trip so we just rested in our room for the first day.


In Dubai


I have to say, that I am extremely thankful for my friend, who have requested to be unnamed in this little write-up, if not for him I would have never been able to enjoy such a trip like I had in Dubai. I would certainly be able to afford going there, but maybe without my dog, in a less extravagant hotel, and eating at a decent but not very exciting hotel.

Rover had the time of his life, though the temperature was not something both of us were accustomed to when out and about, it seemed as though that he understood that he was actually a long way from home and should enjoy the new environment.

My friend also decided to treat Rover to a doggy makeover, maybe to prep him as a dog on a yacht or so that he wouldn’t stand out compared to the pets of the obviously super rich people around us.



Compared to the journey, our goal of spending some time on yacht was rather relatively uneventful. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally sip champagne while my dog eats some caviar he begged my friends for, but the trip was more exciting. But both rover and I loved relaxing at the Dubai marina, while ending another day of our adventure.

An Interesting Time with My Dog in Atlanta


Okay, I always bring my dog with me when I travel, why? Because I hate for him to be alone and miss me, also he tends to ruin the furniture of whoever I leave them with, and I really don’t like kennels, I hate thinking of my dog being in some cage while I am away, though I do know that there are a lot of good places out there that would really take care of him, I’m still not really sure about the whole idea of leaving Max to some strangers. A silver lining to this though is that I have some company during my trips, though I also have to look for places that allow pets.

Luckily enough, Atlanta has a lot of pet friendly hotels, so I had no trouble of looking for a place to stay during our time there. Also, since I was staying at a place where pet lovers would stay I got to meet a lot of interesting people, one girl stood out the most, literally. She was a quite a beauty, and she loves dogs, so Max coming along the trip really helped with breaking the ice, of course I did motivate him to mysteriously get out of his leash and run towards her direction.

We got to know each other really well and ended up having a few meals together; she was great with Max and offered to look after him when I was out to do my business, which I gladly accepted. We got to be really close with each other, to the point that she told me what she was actually in Atlanta for, apparently she was there because she wanted to get some work done with her breast, when she asked a friend she was told that she should get Breast augmentation in Atlanta GA, since her friend knew people and could get her a good deal. I absent mindedly told her that her breast already looked perfect, and I froze, thankfully enough she wasn’t offended by it, so much so that… let’s just say that Max slept in my room alone that night.

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel and went around the city, there were a lot of fun places to visit in Atlanta, such as the Olympic park where we took a stroll at. Later that day we decided to go to the Aquarium, Max had to stay at the hotel though, we had a really great time and enjoyed ourselves. I had to return home the next day, she stayed behind to get the procedure done, which I totally respect her decision.

It has been a few months since then, we kept in touch, I saw her photos and she looked great. A few weeks from now I will be visiting Atlanta again, and coincidently enough she have plans on visiting the city around the same time. So, I count the days as till She, I and Max have an interesting time in Atlanta once again.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

golden-retrieverOkay so you want a trusted dog to be a fellow protector of the family, and you want it to be good to your kids and visitors, also adorable at that. Thinking this you thought Golden Retrievers are popular medium size dogs with a pretty load bark, that it would be a great choice as a family pet. Well, you are right about most of those things, except the protector part.

I am not saying that Retrievers won’t protect you, if put in a situation where their owners are in danger rover will do everything he can to help you, maybe biting that intruder. But Golden Retrievers are not designed for guarding and/or attacking, they are dogs made to be an addition the family, with their playfulness for the kids and the kid in you, their loving nature for the companionship of everyone in the family, and their special retriever skills for assisting in hunts and assisting people with disabilities. Atlanta carpet cleaning services are capable of cleaning your carpets at an affordable rate.

Don’t let that make you think that they are just actually large toy dogs though, they might not be able to stop that one guy trespassing on your lawn, but they are capable of far more amazing things. Like what you ask? Well, stopping terrorist and drug cartels of course! Yes they can be like Jack Bower-esque if they are given a chance to; Retrievers, with their keen sense of smell are used for checking packages and cargo for anomalies around the world. They are one of the preferred breeds for the job. So if you are asking if Golden retrievers are good guard dogs, you have to be clearer on what scope, because some of them guards National borders.

If you really want a guard dog and a family pet, you might have to choose one or get two dogs. Guard dogs have the nature of being one-man master; though their loyalty extends to your family their increased aggression pose a threat to young kids and to the ones who is not feeding him. Or better yet get a solid home security system and a lovable pet who will defend you during times of great danger, who knows somewhere in your Retriever’s genes might a little Boxer in him. Things happen, and if you or someone you know needs a bail then visit this bail bondsmen website.

Dogs, Man’s Enemy Turned Friend

animal-portraitDogs have been Man’s best friend for thousands of years, descended from ancient grey wolves that were the perfect predator, teaming up with us forming an almost unstoppable force that could bring down large preys and defeat great predators. So how did that mighty wolf turn into the small floppy eared fur ball curled up on my couch? To know, we must go back to the very beginning, to the very first contact between dog or wolf and man.

A group of hunters returns to their settlement with the spoils of the day, they are greeted by their mates and offspring, they return from a bountiful hunt and it is decided that they will feast that night. Far away a pack of wolves looking for food seemed to have not found anything yet, with their strong sense of smell the found a trail of several scents, it smells like food and something else, another predator competing on their hunting grounds perhaps? With the lack of anything else that would lead them to food they follow the trail. Back in the settlement around the fire the humans were enjoying the spoils of the day, not knowing the danger that approaches.

Fort Lauderdale dentist

As the wolves got closer, they start to smell more and more things, some of them unfamiliar. Finally they reach the boarders of the settlement… they approach cautiously, as they know they will be facing a possible rival or new prey.  They find upright almost furless apes that covered themselves with scraps of fur, surrounding some sort of bright light, they seem to be feeding. They seem to have no claws or fangs, it doesn’t look like they are anything threatening, so the pack of wolves that they will attack.

The humans were enjoying the night eating and maybe even socializing… it was the end of another day of hunting. Out of nowhere strange creatures started attacking the settlement, they quickly started defending themselves, these creatures were fast and ferocious, and they had the advantage. It seemed like the wolves might win until the hunters were able to organize and pick up their weapons. They were immediately able to create a primitive defensive perimeter and started to counter attack, pushing the creatures away. Carpet cleaning company in Utah offer their help with our dog care home, so we want to thank them.

The wolves who were at the advantage at first started to realize that they were being pushed back, seeing that some of the members of their pack has fallen they decided to retreat. Without food, dwindled in numbers, and most of their remaining capable members wounded all they could manage to do was hide near the outskirts of the settlement.

After the attack the humans remained on their guard, but with no casualty and no one seeming to be badly hurt they continued to their meal. After their eating, fearing that their scraps could attract other creatures they decided to dispose of it by throwing them away from the settlement.

Without food and a badly hurt pack, the wolves seem to be in a bad situation, they will need to find food soon. A couple of them hear something approaching; it was the humans they faced earlier. Thinking that they came to finish them off the wolves prepared to fight for one last time, a last stand if you will.

A group of humans assigned or volunteered to throw out the scraps away from the camp, came across the creatures that tried to attack them earlier. The ones ferocious looking group was battered down and wounded looked like they were preparing to defend themselves for one last time. At an act of what could only be considered pity the humans decided to not attack these already defeated creatures. They did their duty and threw the scraps and left.

The wolves lowered their guard as the humans left, it seems that they left something… it was food. Cautious at first they approach it and started eating, it was enough food for them.

After a while it seemed like it became a habit of the humans to throw their scraps away at the edge of their settlements, the wolves found it as a food source that they could take advantage. It became more common for the two to meet and interact, so much so that a bond slowly formed. Some of the wolves even decided to live near the settlements.

The more aggressive ferocious of the wolves were put down by the humans when they tried to attack, causing the more docile wolves left to mate with each other, this started their domestication. As more docile generations of wolves grew and humans started to bond, it became more common for some of the wolves to start living within the human settlements.

After thousands of years of breeding to less aggressive mates, depending on the environment and the proto-dog’s role in human society, they start to develop traits seen in most modern dogs today.

A picture of a dog

Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly how it happened, but it is an accepted theory of how the domestication of wolves began, which latter on changed them into the fluffy companions we have today. In the end we are the reason why they changed, and maybe in ways we do not understand they changed us.