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Got Your House Treated? Keep Your Dogs Away for A few Extra Days.

Last month I had the unfortunate discovery of my house being infested with termites, the damage wasn’t much, and there didn’t seem to be any problems structurally, but it won’t be for long if I allowed the termites to remain. After getting an estimate from my contractor on the stuff that did need some repairs, I immediately went online to find the best Pest Control Company Rogers at the most reasonable price. It only took a few days for everything to be cleared out but then as I was talking to the Exterminator, who was also a dog lover, I was told not to let my dogs move in for a while longer.

It turns out that the time most pest control companies count for the all clear are often calculated for human safety, which could mislead you to think that it is safe for everyone after all “safe for humans” is the highest standard for us. The thing is though most dogs tend to be smaller than a full grown adult, and they are also more sensitive to some chemicals than us. So if your exterminators give you the thumbs up, just give it a little more time for your dogs and other pets before you bring them back home.