Catcombe Golden Retrievers

In over 32 years involvement with Golden Retrievers, we have established two main breeding lines - a 'working' strain and a 'show' strain, both very successful in their own spheres.

We occasionally cross the two. However, all our dogs 'pick-up' on a regular basis on normal shooting days, on local Estates.

Our Field Trial Dogs

Bred exclusively from generations of dogs which have shown exceptional ability in the shooting field - our pedigrees include many Field trial Champions and Field Trial winners.

They are all descended from:

Field Trial Champion Standerwick Rumbustuous of Catcombe ( Rumba)

RumbaMillgreen Caesar of CatcombeCatcombe CreditCatcombe CleverCatcombe Canny

Rumba with his three sons & Caesar

From left to right.
Millgreen Caesar of C.,
his sons Credit, Clever and Canny
All three winners of Field Trials
and Rumba himself aged 14 years

His Grandchildren through C. Cherokee and C. Chancey and all sired by F.T. Ch. Ashsham Counsel 
Pictured with the Trophies they collected during 1999. They are all young dogs still, aged between 2 and 4 years... so watch this space!

Catcombe CarreraCatcombe ChryslerCatcombe CarliCatcombe ChenoukCatcombe CellistCatcombe CornetCatcombe Cymbal

C. Carrera, C.Chrysler, C.Carli, C.Chenouk, C.Cellist, C.Cornet, C.Cymbal
They won - 6x Firsts, 18x Seconds, 5x Thirds, 4x Certificate of Merits in Field Trials and many Awards in Working Tests.

  Our Dogs mainly from Show bred lines 

are all descended from our Foundation Bitch, born in 1968,

Champion Royal Pal of Catcombe (Honey)
11C.C's, 3 Res c.c.'s, 8 B.O.B.'s and a Gundog Group


Amber Charm of CatcombeCatcombe CherishCatcombe Choice

Three generations!


daughter Amber Charm of C.
G. daughter C. Cherish
G.G. daughter C. Choice

Today, many generations down the line, we still have in her descendants her wonderful happy temperament, natural working ability, and sound construction.

Our current dogs

Milgreen Caesar for Catcombe
Catcombe Carefree
Catcombe Conifer
Catcombe Credit
Catcombe Cobweb
Catcombe Clever





"This photo, used in The Breed Standard Illustrated,
is to demonstrate the wide range of acceptable colour in the Golden Retriever"