Fun Facts About Dogs


So we often treat dogs like any part of the family, while laughing at videos of dogs doing human like things and saying “they think they’re people” we are actually treating them like people. But how similar are dogs to people? Turns out they have a lot in common with us, I guess living with each other for the a few thousand years will do that to you. Here are a few fun facts about dogs and a some similarities they share with us.

1) Dogs Dream 

When I see my dog moving her paws in her sleep, I often wonder is she really dreaming or is it some sort reflex. A lot of people say they do without proof, often saying it’s just obvious because of sleep barking and such, but recently researchers found that some animals (dog included) goes through the same process of sleep as us: Starting from light sleep, through deep sleep, to eventually REM sleep. Yes, REM sleep, the same state that humans start dreaming. It was also observed by Aristotle that animals dream as well, in ancient documents.

2) They Can Have a Positive and Negative Personality 

Yes, dogs can look at a water bowl half full or half empty. Recent studies found that your dog could develop a pessimistic personality or well as an optimistic one, if I understand correctly one way of knowing what kind of personality your dog have is by seeing if your dog would obediently enter their kennel to wait for you when you leave. Dog’s that obeys are shown to have a positive view of the future and your return, while those that don’t seem to show a fear of you not returning or abandoning them.


3) Dog’s Feels Like Us 

Every dog lover have always said that our dogs loves and feels like us, but science always said that that it was just a response to us taking care of them. But recently researchers used MRIs to look into brains of dogs, and found that they have essentially the same parts that human’s use in association with feelings. Experiments show that when the dog is presented with of treats, playfulness, or their owner/ familiar person, this part of their brain light up. So yeah, dogs have complex emotions.

4) They like Music 

So this one is not strictly only for dogs, rather it’s every animal including humans. It turns out that Music is a naturally built in thing in most if not all living beings. So when you are enjoying a some smooth jazz, know that your dog is enjoying it too. Unless if he’s more into metal.