How To Keep Your Dog Away From Your Garbage

You are excited to see your pet dog after a long day of work. But surprise! Your kitchen is a mess. Your dog has turned your kitchen into a garbage dump. Aside from the stench and the untimely cleanup that you need to do, your dog could be in danger of eating anything poisonous from the trash.

It wasn’t me!

This experience happened to me before, that is why I contracted Dumpster Rentals NJ to help me manage my garbage disposal. The dumpster rental made it easy for me to throw the trash while keeping the garbage secured in a proper container. This process will help me keep my dog safe because the dumpster is tightly sealed and Dumpster Rentals NJ hauls it away as soon as I schedule it.

However, there are times when I forget to take the garbage to the rented dumpster. My dog finds a way to access the trash can in the kitchen and make my house into a mess. I realized that he is attracted to the scent of the leftovers thrown into the garbage can. But my dog is well-fed, so I am pretty sure that it is not out of hunger that he likes to dig into the trash can. 

I know there are some of you that are experiencing this from time to time. So let’s discuss ways that can prevent this from happening again.

  1. Hide your trash can where your dog could not access it. This is an obvious solution, but our dogs are smart. Like in the case of my dog, he can open the cabinet door. Cool, right? So what I did as an additional precaution is to install child-proof cabinet locks. So far, our dog has not been able to open the cabinet yet.
  2. Practice your dog to stay away from the trash can. A simple “No” command can stop the dog from getting near the trash. Be consistent about it so that the negative behavior can be avoided.
  3. Put a gate to keep your kitchen off limits to the dog. Yes, we feel sad for the dog, too.
  4. Look for dog-proof trash cans. If you have extra money to spend, you can invest in this type of garbage can to ensure that your dogs could not go through your trash.
  5. Do not forget to take out the trash. It is simple as that. The dogs are after the food that they smell from the garbage. Without it, the dogs would not even bother about the trash bin.

Please also remember to avoid scolding your dog if you hadn’t see him committing the act. It is best to discipline the dog when you catch him red handed so that your dog will know what he did wrong. They are like children that need love and discipline, too.

Hope that the above tips help you to keep your dogs away from your garbage can.