Pest Control For Your Fur Buddies

It was supposed to be a fun weekend at the park with my dog, Spica. Sure, we had fun playing fetch under the warm Bakersfield sun. I understand that my pooch will get a bit dirty but these fleas are not welcome! I am always wary of these critters. They are disgusting! I just can’t take it when I see one make my dog suffer from scratching all day.

I was researching about NPM Pest Control Bakersfield when I accidentally stumbled upon Natural Pest Control. It was then that I discovered alternative ways to get rid of Spica’s fleas. I was worried that using products with insecticide will cause health problems because we are being exposed to chemicals. Natural Pest Management is a chemical-free, drug-free means to keep your pet from getting infested with pests.

Let me get this straight, Spica is not flea-infested but she sometimes catches fleas when we go outdoors. Pest prevention is key so it has been a habit of mine to inspect Spica’s fur after we go outdoors. Our home is pretty much pet-free, thanks to pest control services available here in Bakersfield.

Aside from the routine fur checks, I use a flea comb to catch those icky fleas. I dab a little petroleum jelly to the comb so that the fleas will stick to it. A tweezers will also come in handy to pull away the “clingers”. A tip, though, don’t forget to place your pooch on a white paper while you comb it to easily spot the fleas that fall. Using a white towel also does the trick when you are drying your dog after their bath.

After catching the fleas, I smother them in a little bit of water and cooking oil then flush them away in the sink or toilet.

As part of prevention, it is important to keep our pooch healthy. Fleas and other parasites have less effect on healthy animals. They tend to live in pets with weak immune system. It might sound cliché but it is true that we need to ensure that our dogs have a well-balanced diet and enough exercise.

In grooming, I opt for natural-based pet products. I try to avoid shampoos with insecticides. Instead, I always look for a gentle shampoo with pyrethrin, pyrethrum or citrus oil. However, it should not be used when you have cats in your household because permetrin is toxic to cats. After the bath, I add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to Spica’s rinse water. I’m pretty sure the fleas hate the smell.

Don’t worry that you need to DIY shampoos for your dogs to keep everything natural. There are many modern and effective flea products available in regular pet stores and supermarket. Some of them are surprisingly inexpensive.

Lastly, do not forget to treat your home as well. Vacuum your floors, rugs and other surfaces at least once a week. Pay attention to places where your pet pal usually stays. It is also interesting to know that there is an anti-flea salt treatment for carpets that can be professionally applied. This work by dehydrating fleas, flea larvae and eggs hiding in your carpet. This mineral-salt treatment could be effective for up to a year! Note to self, ask mom to check this out.

Hope you try NPM pest control to care for your fur buddies. It is healthier for you and your pets. Happy pet, happy human.