Retrievers, a Great Addition to the Family

So my Labrador retriever would have been turning 15 this year, and I miss her dearly. So in honor of that I will tell you what it’s like to have one and how you should consider one when you think about getting a new addition in your family.

I remember when we first got Margie, the hit song billboards charts was very different from what it is now, she wasn’t a pup when we got her, she was about a year old. My grandfather’s neighbor was a dog lover but found that he had one too many, Mom and dad offered to take one of the dogs to help out. That was Margie. Though not a pup, she still played like one and continued to do so in later years… it’s apparently a thing Retrievers share in common. It was actually annoying at times, like how one time I was on my way out late for school when the dog ran towards me covered in mud and decided that I should be to… but having a playful dog is great, I found that it reduces stress and a good way to cheer anyone up.

She was friendly to a fault, may it be kids, the elderly, or even complete strangers all that met them at was that signature doggy smile. We didn’t have to worry when we had visitors, Margie would just play with them and their kids like she have known them for years. This was a problem when it came to complete strangers though, when she got out of her leash she would run to the nearest person and start playing with them, whether they like it or not, frightened some these people would scream for help. Those who were familiar with dogs though knew her breed was almost always harmless and play with her before bringing her back.

She didn’t like being out of the house, because her breed apparently are inside dogs, and her fur gets everywhere when she was shedding but you just can’t get mad at her. She also ate so much we spent a fortune on her food, but that was on us for not knowing that she needs to eat proper meal times and portions.

Taking walks was easy, the vet recommended us to walk her an hour every day, and though she was playful she was never too disobedient. As long as you treat her like family she will respect you no matter what, that was Margie.

Having Margie as part of the family was one of the most memorable moments in my life, so much so that I can tell you that I have to say that anyone looking to getting a new addition to the family should definitely consider getting a Retriever.