Taking My Dog Yachting at Dubai

I love my dog, and take him everywhere I go. But this particular time, things were a bit more troublesome, as the requirements to bringing your pet out of the country is not a walk in the park. Though not very difficult if your dog is pure bread and has all the papers that come with such an expensive dog, it was not the case for me and Rover. Because of this I needed to run around town from one place to another just to get things set for him. Though I could have probably gotten someone to do it for me, I am the type of guy who believes that in order to get things done you have to do it yourself.

Dubai was this year’s vacation goal, and the first one abroad with rover. My friends invited me to go with them and enjoy what the city has to offer, promising to pay for most of the stuff in the trip, and they were the ones that told me to bring my dog with me, since they’ve also become very attached to rover. Lately Dubai’s yacht rental industry has been booming and the options of different yachts intrigued my boat loving friend, and with big heart and deep pockets he decided to bring us all with him, plus whoever we wanted to bring, to enjoy the trip with him and make memories. Immigration bail bonds can be expensive if you don’t find the right bail bondsman.

The last time I was abroad was Barcelona, back during my college days when I decided to take a year off from school to backpack around Europe, I ended up staying in just that city for reasons that will be a story for another time. That was before I got rover, back when I had a cat that seemed to be never thankful about my taking care of him. This time though I have been given the chance to have an adventure in the Middle East with my best buddy.


The Pet Passport


As much as I would like to give you the steps of getting one in detail, the most essential parts really depends on where you plan to go with your pet. The best way to know exactly what to do and what form to fill up is by asking your Vet, most of them would have the idea of the broad strokes, one of the steps involves them and a comprehensive check-up of your pet, along with a few vaccinations. After which you will be given a few more instructions to complete a set of documents that will either allow your pet to travel to that specific country or not.

When I say pet passport though, I don’t mean an actual passport like that of a human’s, more of documents that shows your dog has had the necessary medical procedures  and legal stuff that approves of his entry to a country. In the European Union though, there is an actual pet passport that looks exactly like a person’s passport, which is really cool if you ask me.

The cost of getting such a set of documentations though will depend on a lot of things, but prepare about $200 for the whole thing, I have to warn you though that you might come up short if additional requirements or extra forms are needed.



I can tell you from experience that when it comes to traveling domestic, flights for your pet would cost no less than $125 per trip. Unfortunately I am uncertain how much it cost for getting to Dubai, as my friend decided that he would be paying for everyone’s fare, including rover. (Truth be told, my friend has been a bit generous lately when it comes to our group, hopefully he’s not sick or anything)

As always, I worried the whole 13 hour or so flight, I feel uneasy with my dog being treated as cargo thing, though I know that they are being treated with care, you just can’t take away the worry when it comes to the ones you love most. I kept on wishing he was the size of a Chihuahua, so I could just have him with me as carry-on.

When we finally got to our destination, I felt relieved when I finally saw his little doggy face. We were both exhausted from the trip so we just rested in our room for the first day.


In Dubai


I have to say, that I am extremely thankful for my friend, who have requested to be unnamed in this little write-up, if not for him I would have never been able to enjoy such a trip like I had in Dubai. I would certainly be able to afford going there, but maybe without my dog, in a less extravagant hotel, and eating at a decent but not very exciting hotel.

Rover had the time of his life, though the temperature was not something both of us were accustomed to when out and about, it seemed as though that he understood that he was actually a long way from home and should enjoy the new environment.

My friend also decided to treat Rover to a doggy makeover, maybe to prep him as a dog on a yacht or so that he wouldn’t stand out compared to the pets of the obviously super rich people around us.



Compared to the journey, our goal of spending some time on yacht was rather relatively uneventful. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally sip champagne while my dog eats some caviar he begged my friends for, but the trip was more exciting. But both rover and I loved relaxing at the Dubai marina, while ending another day of our adventure.